Chef server "Starter Kit" customization

Wondering if there is a way to add some files/config to the chef “Starter Kit” - There are some org specifics I want to add and would like to take the config out of the users hands to ease (my) administration/troubleshooting as I role this service out to the developers.

I have had a quick look around via google and the chef documentation but have been unable to see what I am looking for.

Thanks in advance.

There’s not really a way to do that. The code for the starter kit is in chef-manage.

A more workable approach might be to just have users download a key and knife.rb and use custom generators with ChefDK to have users generate the things you need.

Do you know of any documentation in regards to the custom generators?

There are a few mentions here:

Also this blog post:

The ones used by default are here:

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Thanking you very much!