Chef-Solo Attributes for different url locations


I’m currently getting started with chef-solo and writing numerous software installer recipes which is working well. My problem is that I need to specify different base installer locations for different environments.

I have different bat files to initiate chef:

chef-solo -c solo.rb -j workstation.json

“run_list”: [ “role[workstation]” ]

With each role I override the MSI locations for example:
"webdeploy" => {
“options” => “ADDLOCAL=MSDeployFeature,MSDeployUIFeature,DelegationUIFeature,MSDeployShortcuts,DelegationScriptsFeature”,
“baseurl” => "\\LOCAL-Servername\ “
"webdeploy” => {
“options” => “ADDLOCAL=MSDeployFeature,MSDeployUIFeature,DelegationUIFeature,MSDeployShortcuts,DelegationScriptsFeature”,
“baseurl” => "\\DEV-DOMAIN-Servername\ "

I’d like a better way of doing this so I could pass a base location override attribute into chef-solo rather than creating lots of roles just for the purpose of specifying a different locations.



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