Chef v11 opensource - recipe timing data


Chef open source server v11.1.7
chef-client v12.5.1

When I run chef-client on a node to download/synchronize/run the latest recipe from the chef-server, I know that at the end of the chef-client run, I get timing data – for example “Chef Client finished, 31/31 resources updated in 16 minutes 02 seconds”

Is it possible to get timing data on a per-resource level? My intention is to find out which resources/recipes in the cookbook take the largest amount of time (& do something about it where possible) so that the overall cookbook execution time is reduced as much as possible.


There are some handlers like or you can upgrade to Chef Server 12 and buy a license to the Chef Reporting features which provider that kind of data.

Thank you coderanger, I have now successfully implemented the above.

Shame that it needs me to run it in Debug mode chef-client -l debug - Is there any way do you know of making this appear in default mode (Error?) or even Info mode?