Chef-vault cookbook 1.1.4


Ohai Chefs!

Last week I released an update to the chef-vault cookbook, version 1.1.4.

The chef_vault_item resource will fall back to Chef::DataBagItem.load
if the proper exception is raised when attempting to use Chef::VaultItem,
so the node['dev_mode'] attribute is no longer necessary. It should still
work fine without that set at all, though.

Also, we now install the proper version of the chef-vault gem using a
version constraint operator[0]. In the past, we assumed to install the
latest version of chef-vault. This works for almost everything, but in the
event that someone used the cookbook before the internal Chef Vault API
changes made in 2.0 were released, they would get an exception when trying
to use libraries in this cookbook (as we discovered in our own


[0]: I also learned that chef_gem's version attribute can take a
RubyGems version constraint operator.