Chef vault problem - always tries to talk to chef server

Hello, I just installed ChefDK 0.15.16, and I now have a problem with vaults. If I create a new cookbook via chef generate ‘cookbook name’, and then use knife vault create test_vaults secrets I can create a new vault and save data in it locally. However, any further attempts to edit or show the vault result in knife reaching out to my chef server, even if I use -M solo in the command. This is new behavior, as previous versions of the chefDK did not do this.

It is especially maddening since knife vault create does what I tell it to do, and all other knife vault commands seem to ignore the mode and just always use ‘client’. I do not have any vars in my knife.rb in regards to vaults other than setting the data_bag_path to [“data_bags”]. That works as I expect, and if I attempt to create a vault in cookbook dir that doesn’t have the data_bags dir, I get an error that the dir doesn’t exist.

I have uninstalled the latest ChefDK and installed 0.14.25, and this has vaults working as expected again.

This sounds like a bug; please file a report at and I’ll dig into it.