Chef Workstation 20.8.125 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 20.8.125 of Chef Workstation.


Chef Infra Client

Chef Infra Client has been updated from 16.3.45 to 16.4.38. This release resolves an issue with knife bootstrap that prevented bootstrapping Windows nodes from a non-Windows Workstation. It also updates 8 built-in resources.


Cookstyle has been updated from 6.14.7 to 6.15.5. This updates the RuboCop engine to 0.89. This new release also enabled several new Ruby cops that were helpful in writing quality cookbooks and disabled several naming and code length cops that were not helpful when writing cookbooks.

Chef InSpec

InSpec has been updated from 4.22.1 to 4.22.8. This release adds a new sensitive parameter to MySQL and Postgres sessions that, when enabled, shows REDACTED in the command output. Thank you @fzipi!


kitchen-vagrant has been updated from 1.6.1 to 1.7.0. This release adds new box_auto_update and box_auto_prune options to pull newer Vagrant base boxes. Thank you @Stromweld!


markdownlint (mdl) has been updated from 0.9.0 to 0.10.0. This release updates Dockerfile to work with modern markdownlint, updates the minimum version of kramdown, and updates the minimum version of RuboCop to consume security fixes.


Fauxhai has been updated to 8.3.1 providing updated mocked Ohai platform data for use with ChefSpec. This release adds Debian 9.12 data, updates all Ubuntu releases to the latest patch releases, and updates CentOS 8 to be the 8.2 release. This release also deprecates several of the older platform versions so you may start to see additional platform deprecation warnings when running ChefSpec. To avoid these deprecations in the future make sure to specify just the major version of the platform when writing ChefSpec. For example, use Debian "10" instead of "10.3" to always use the latest version of Debian 10 data.

Chef Vault

Chef Vault has been updated to 4.0.6 to resolve errors when running some knife vault commands.


CA Root Certificates

The included cacerts bundle in Chef Workstation has been updated to the 7-22-2020 release. This new release removes 4 legacy root certificates and adds 4 additional root certificates.

Reduced Dependencies

We've audited the included dependencies that we ship with Chef Workstation to reduce the 3rd party code we ship. We've removed many of the embedded binaries that shipped with the package in the past, but were not directly used. We've also reduced the feature set built into many of the libraries that we depend on, and removed several Ruby gem dependencies that were no longer necessary. This reduces the future potential for CVEs in the product and reduces package size at the same time.

Bug Fixes

Chef Workstation App

Chef Workstation App has been updated to fix a bug where dialog boxes would incorrectly pop up when the app started before internet connectivity was available causing the update check to fail. This no longer results in a dialog box and the update check will run after internet connectivity has been restored.

Get the Build

If you are running the Chef Workstation toolbar application you can download this version from the menu after the app next update check. You can also download binaries directly from

As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or share your email. Thanks for using Chef Workstation!