ChefDK 3.1 Released!


Ohai Chefs!

We’re happy to announce the release of ChefDK v3.1.0!

Release Highlights

Chef 14.2.0

ChefDK now ships with Chef 14.2.0. See for more information on what’s new.

Habitat packages available

ChefDK is now released as a habitat package under the identifier chef/chef-dk. All successful builds will be available in the unstable channel and all promoted builds will be available in the stable channel. This is similar to the current and stable downloads of ChefDK available on

Updated Homebrew cask tap

On macOS you can install ChefDK using brew cask install chef/chef/chefdk. This behavior is not new but the tap name changed.

Updated Tooling


Fauxhai 6.4.0 brings support for 3 new platforms - CentOS 7.5, Debian 8.11, and FreeBSD 11.2. It also updates the dumps for Amazon Linux, Redhat, SLES, and Ubuntu to match Chef 14.2 output. Finally it deprecates FreeBSD 10.3.


Foodcritic 14.0.0 adds support for Chef 14.2 metadata, makes it the default, and removes old Chef 13 metadata. It also updated rules for clarity, removed an unecessary rule, and added a new rule saying when cookbooks have unecessary dependencies now that resources moved into core Chef. See the changelog for a full list of changes.


knife-acl is now included with ChefDK. This knife plugin allows admin users to modify Chef Server ACLs from their command line.


knife-tidy is now included with ChefDK. This knife plugin generates reports about stale nodes and helps clean them up.

Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen 1.11.0 adds a new ssh_gateway_port config and fixed a bug on Unix systems where scripts were not created as executable.

Updated Components and Tools

  • fauxhai: 6.3.0 -> 6.4.0
  • foodcritic: 13.1.1 -> 14.0.0
  • kitchen-digitalocean: 0.9.8 -> 0.10.0
  • knife-opc: 0.3.2 -> 0.4.0
  • test-kitchen: 1.21.2 ->1.22.0

Security Updates


  • CVE-2018-1000201: DLL loading issue which can be hijacked on Windows OS