Chefdk for RHEL 5 difficulties

I’m aware that chefdk for RHEL 5 or CentOS 5 is not officially supported: I’ve previously been able to keep it working to use for “chef-solo” and Berkshelf built-in components by building it on a RHEL 5 instance with ruby-1.9.3 backported. Unfortunately, with chefk 0.7.x releases, I’m no longer able to build it Apparently it now relies on even more recent reversions of various rake components, and I’m out of luck right now.

Is anyone out there successfully building current releases of chefdk for RHEL 5? I’m trying to migrate all RHEL 5 or compatible systems to a newer OS, to avoid exactly this sort of backporting and compatibility issue. But in the meantime, I’d much prefer to have a current chefdk available for those systems.

Nico Kadel-Garcia
Lead DevOps Engineer