Chefdk on the same machine as chef server

Hello guys.

To deploy an application to a client on premise (application that has multiple dependencies (linux and windows) we would need a solution that will have installed on the same linux box a chef server and a chefdk.

What I have in mind is as follow:

  • a linux box cu chef server which
    • contains recipes
    • has a predefined environment
    • contains the packets to be deployed
    • contains a bash script which bootstraps the given machines. In the same time with the bootstrap process there machines will also have set up the environment and the run-list.

Is this setup meant to work? What do I miss?

Thank you,

I know that chef client and chefdk conflict so I can imagine that chefdk
would also conflict with chef server. Chef server comes with knife,
anyway. My advice is to not use your chef server for anything but chef

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Ok. Thank you for your opinion. Any other idea then on how to make my solution work?

Instead of chef-server, use chef-zero.

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These packages conflict because ChefDK is basically a superset of the Chef Client package, so they both try to install executables like chef-client and so on to the same location in the filesystem. That is not the case with Chef Server.

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I’ve decided that we’ll deliver a linux box with chef server installed and that the guys who installs the solution will use his laptop as chef dk.

Thank you guys!