ChefSpec: ServerRunner vs. SoloRunner

I'm a bit green when it comes to Chef unit testing, but I have a question pertaining to ChefSpec's runners.

When I use the chef generate cookbook command to generate the boilerplate cookbook, I notice that the default spec test that gets created is configured to use the ServerRunner. However when I ran my unit test using the ServerRunner, I was getting a '403' error back. This lead me to investigate trying SoloRunner instead, which actually worked for me.

Although I'm not 100% sure why I got this '403' error, I presume it has to do with the 'Server' part of the runner name, in that, the ServerRunner must be attempting to bind to a server endpoint or something. But my more broader question is:

What is the difference between ServerRunner and SoloRunner? For some reason, I'm struggling to find information on this topic. Any information would be appreciated.

There is information on this on the ChefSpec homepage under "Using a Chef Server".

If you don't need to test "server" features like search or data bags, then SoloRunner is going to be faster.

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Thanks. I wasn't aware of that page. Perhaps a link can be provided on the site that refers to it...just a suggestion.

Please ignore that page. It is incorrect and outdated. I'll try to remember to delete it when I get a chance. The correct answer is to use SoloRunner. ServerRunner is actively deprecated and slated for removal if I manage to care about it long enough to bother :slight_smile: You can find more info in the actual ChefSpec documentation:

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Thanks for the clarification.