Chocolatey_package: What is the expected behavior if 'version' is an array?

I have a need for chocolatey to, if a certain version of a package fails to install, fall back to an earlier one. I keep the list of acceptable versions in an array of strings (eg. ["2.1.3", "2.1.1", "2.0.4"]). I noticed that the allowed datatypes for the 'version' property in chocolatey_package are String or Array. I tried passing it my array of version strings, but it only tried the first one in the array. Even if I set 'retries' to some non-zero value, the resource just keeps trying the same version. The documentation for 'version' just says "The version of a package to be installed or upgraded"

Does anybody know what the point of accepting an array for 'version' is? Is it supposed to support fallback and is just broken, or is it just to save me from having to put "[0]" at the end of my array reference?