Compat_resource working on linux but not on windows node

compat_resource working on linux but not on windows node


Without anymore information there isn’t much help we can provide here. If you could create a gist of the errors, versions, and cookbooks involved we can probably offer advice but at present we don’t have enough information for meaningful analysis.

@cheeseplus How does this works ? is gem a resource which installs a gem on resource?

source ‘

gem 'tomlrb’
gem 'rake’
gem 'stove’
gem ‘community_cookbook_releaser’

Scenario is that we are using chef-vault cookbook but it refers to
In our environment , we cannot connect our servers to external server like
we need to modify the chef-vault cookbook so it gets the gems installed locally.
How can we do this?

i changed the source path to my own http server and kept gemfiles on the http server. but when running chef-client on node it refers to instead of my specified path in gemfile. do i need to change anywhere else