Contains invalid characters.age pkg_name 'habitatize


module 3 of habitat rally fails build process with the following after clone of habitat-building-dependencies from git. cant find anything regarding this msg.
hab 0.68.0/20181108152053

4][default:/src:0]# build
: Loading /src/habitat/
: Plan loaded
: Validating plan metadata
' contains invalid characters.age pkg_name 'habitatize
: Build time: 0m0s
: Exiting on error

#2 was the old ID10T error. LF was not set. doh!!


So, I get to play the ID10T card now 'cause I'm experiencing the same thing but have no clue where to set LF in GitBash or for PowerShell. Can you help me clear my ID10T? :slight_smile:


the problem was in my editor. im using VSCODE on windows and i had to change the CRLF to LF. bring the file up in your editor and change the end of line sequence.