Converge failing with kitchen & hyperv: "No such file or directory @ dir_s_mkdir..."

Hello Chefs!

I’m not sure if the issue is with kitchen, or the hyper-v driver, or…?

The create stage works correctly, as does the destroy 99% of the time.

When running converge, I get the following:

>>>>>> ------Exception-------
>>>>>> Class: Kitchen::ActionFailed
>>>>>> Message: 2 actions failed.
>>>>>>     Failed to complete #converge action: [No such file or directory @ dir_s_mkdir - C:/Users/testuser/AppData/Local/Temp/default-windows-server-2012R2-Updated-sandbox-20170227-23092-i0c7g5/cookbooks/hypertest/.kitchen/default-windows-server-2012R2-Updated/default-windows-server-2012R2-Updated/Virtual Machines/A8437120-6322-45E3-AC3D-404B4E2BDD7D] on default-windows-server-2012R2-Updated
>>>>>>     Failed to complete #converge action: [No such file or directory @ dir_s_mkdir - C:/Users/testuser/AppData/Local/Temp/default-windows-server-2012R2-sandbox-20170227-23092-t56x5j/cookbooks/hypertest/.kitchen/default-windows-server-2012R2-Updated/default-windows-server-2012R2-Updated/Virtual Machines/A8437120-6322-45E3-AC3D-404B4E2BDD7D] on default-windows-server-2012R2
>>>>>> ----------------------
>>>>>> Please see .kitchen/logs/kitchen.log for more details
>>>>>> Also try running `kitchen diagnose --all` for configuration

I didn’t find much help in the log, nor in the diagnose output.

>gem list kitchen
*** LOCAL GEMS ***

kitchen-docker (2.6.0)
kitchen-dokken (1.0.9)
kitchen-ec2 (1.2.0)
kitchen-hyperv (0.3.0)
kitchen-inspec (0.17.0)
kitchen-vagrant (0.21.1)
test-kitchen (1.14.2)

I tried running kitchen with the -l debug option but there was just information about loading the berksfile, and nothing about what was happening with the file not found error. I can confirm that the base dir is created: C:/Users/testuser/AppData/Local/Temp/default-windows-server-2012R2-sandbox-20170227-23092-t56x5j and contains dna.json an empty cache dir. This directory exists for a short time, and then is automatically deleted; presumably when the error occurs.

More troubling is that this was working a couple weeks back; and I moved on to another project. When I came back to work with it more, I started getting this error.

Thanks to the community for the support!

Dan-Joe Lopez