CookBook reading csv and at runtime assigning values depending o nodes

I have a cookbook; however , this cookbook has static path. I want the path should be taken dynamically at run time. Also, I have a csv that has different path details w.r.t to each node for 2000 servers. I want it should run for 2000 nodes dynamically taking the correct path for correct node.

Cookbook:: Folcpy

Recipe:: default

#Copyright:: 2020, The Authors, All Rights Reserved.

execute 'Folcpy' do


command 'xcopy /e e:\inetpub\CHEF_APP C:\PROD_SERVER\PROD /y'


execute 'stat' do


command 'svn status > c:\SVN_Report.txt'


These paths are specified in a csv along with IP

csv format is IP, Apppath, prod path, Comparepath

For eg values are e:\inetpub\CHEF_APP C:\PROD_SERVER\PROD C:\PROD_SERVER'

Could you please suggest some way out ?