Cookbook Releases 4/16 (Snow in Spring Edition)

Ohai Chefs!

ChefConf is NEXT WEEK!! I’m excited to see many of you there. If you want to go but haven’t registered, you should do so as soon as possible. We’re anticipating a sold out event.

We have a few cookbook releases for you today. The mysql cookbook is getting a lot of configuration specific tickets opened lately, and we’d really like it converted to use the “attribute driven” configuration a la postgresql. Does anyone have cycles to help make that happen? See this ticket:

apache2 v1.6.2

  • [COOK-2535] - mod_auth_openid requires libtool to run
  • [COOK-2667] - Typo in usage documentation
  • [COOK-2461] - apache2::mod_auth_openid fails on some ubuntu systems
  • [COOK-2720] - Apache2 minitest helper function ran_recipe is not

emacs v0.9.0:

  • [COOK-2710] - use default action for package

mysql v3.0.0:

Note This is a backwards incompatible version with previous
versions of the cookbook. Tickets that introduce incompatibility are
COOK-2615 and COOK-2617.

  • [COOK-2478] - Duplicate ‘read_only’ server attribute in base and tunable
  • [COOK-2471] - Add tunable to set slave_compressed_protocol for reduced network traffic
  • [COOK-1059] - Update attributes in mysql cookbook to support missing options for my.cnf usable by Percona
  • [COOK-2590] - Typo in server recipe to do with conf_dir and confd_dir
  • [COOK-2602] - Add lower_case_table_names tunable
  • [COOK-2430] - Add a tunable to create a network ACL when allowing remote_root_access
  • [COOK-2619] - mysql: isamchk deprecated
  • [COOK-2515] - Better support for SUSE distribution for mysql cookbook
  • [COOK-2557] - mysql::percona_repo attributes missing and key server typo
  • [COOK-2614] - Duplicate innodb_file_per_table
  • [COOK-2145] - MySQL cookbook should remove anonymous and password less accounts
  • [COOK-2553] - Enable include directory in my.cnf template for any platform
  • [COOK-2615] - Rename key_buffer to key_buffer_size
  • [COOK-2626] - Percona repo URL is being constructed incorrectly
  • [COOK-2616] - Unneeded attribute thread_cache
  • [COOK-2618] - myisam-recover not using attribute value
  • [COOK-2617] - open-files is a duplicate of open-files-limit

nagios v4.1.0:

  • [COOK-2257] - Nagios incorrectly tries to use cloud IPs due to a OHAI bug
  • [COOK-2474] - hosts.cfg.erb assumes if nagios server node has the
    cloud attributes all nodes have the cloud attributes
  • [COOK-1068] - Nagios::client should support CentOS/RHEL NRPE
    installs via package
  • [COOK-2565] - nginx don’t send AUTH_USER & REMOTE_USER to nagios
  • [COOK-2546] - nrpe config files should not be world readable
  • [COOK-2558] - Services that are attached to hostgroups created from
    the nagios_hostgroups databag are not created
  • [COOK-2612] - Nagios can’t start if search can’t find hosts defined
    in nagios_hostgroups
  • [COOK-2473] - Install Nagios 3.4.4 for source installs
  • [COOK-2541] - Nagios cookbook should use node.roles instead of
    node.run_list.roles when calculating hostgroups
  • [COOK-2543] - Adds the ability to normalize hostnames to lowercase
  • [COOK-2450] - Add ability to define service groups through data
  • [COOK-2642] - With multiple nagios servers, they can’t use NRPE to
    check each other
  • [COOK-2613] - Install Nagios 3.5.0 when installing from source

postgresql v2.4.0:

  • [COOK-2163] - Dangerous “assign-postgres-password” in
    "recipes/server.rb" – Can lock out dbadmin access
  • [COOK-2390] - Recipes to auto-generate many postgresql.conf
    settings, following “initdb” and “pgtune”
  • [COOK-2435] - Foodcritic fixes for postgresql cookbook
  • [COOK-2476] - Installation into database of any contrib module
    extensions listed in a node attribute