Core/<package> for shell command adduser/groupadd

Newbie here, need your technical help if someone knows the existing package for adding user or group. Or does anyone knows how to do it in habitat builder. The particular command useradd/groupadd doesn’t exist in coreutils.

Dang this also didn’t get a reply in any kind of reasonable time-frame. My apologies. I dont think these binaries exist in our coreutils package but instead it comes from our core/busybox-static package. If you need to use the binary without linking it into the system you can try hab pkg exec core/busybox-static adduser . One other thing you can always do in the studio is hab pkg provides <binary-name> and that should show you what package provides the requested binary. I think in order for that to work the package has to be installed on the system so doing these commands inside the studio is going to be the most useful way of finding some of the more common utilities.

Thank you, Eeyun. Find it useful to use that package now.

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