Create windows_task to run on logon of specific user

I want to use the windows_task resource to create a scheduled task that runs only once a user is logged in. There doesn't seem to be a way to set a schtask this way in the latest version of the resource.

Specifically, when i create the task, it gets set to "at log on of any user" and "run whether user is logged on or not". Even when i specify the user and password properties.

Is there a way to use the native resource to create a scheduled task with the "run only when user is logged on" setting?

It may have something to do with being able to set the task principal property, which i don't see exposed in the native resource.

my current code is:

windows_task 'Launcher' do
  command 'MyApp.exe'
  frequency :on_logon
  user <username>
  password <password>
  action [:create, :enable]


set interactive_enabled to true!

This seems to create a conflicting configuration: the schtask is set to start both at logon of any user trigger AND only when user <x> is logged on option.

The interactive_enabled seems to set the only when user <x> is logged on option. How do we configure the Trigger "at logon of "?

FWIW by exporting a task that was edited manually, the only difference is the <UserId> line:

-<LogonTrigger id="RegistrationTriggerId1">
<UserId>CONSILIOTEST\st_lvstest_rel_a</UserId>  <!-- chef creates the task without this line -->

Outside of using powershell, can we get Chef to create this task with this setting?