Data bag: changing contents


I’m using data bags for centralized storing of informations.

What I’m not very happy with is, that data bag contents
can only be changed from admin workstations. (Am I right here?)
To give a certain Workstation or server complete chef-admin
privileges seems to be an extremely big security issue in my eyes.

As a workaround I use ohai-plugins to store informations
at some special nodes that have special tasks. This way too
is not the ideal way, since ohai may fail and the information
maybe completely unavailable due to that fact. Otherwise
I just don’t want to gather each and every peace of infor-
mation at every ohai/chef-client run.

I’d appreciate a chef-integrated central-data-storage for
saving and changing information not directly connected
to specific nodes persisting indepentently from nodes.

Are there any mechanisms to change data bags from
recipes, or are there other ways to get this easily done?
Or do I just have to use my own MySQL-DB somewhere
within my infrastructure?

Thanks for your help,

Tobias Unsleber
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