Databags not been used on node

Hello I am trying to create users with databags with the users cookbook but creates the groups and not the users, is like ignores the databags all together.. :frowning:
for more info and way more details please check this:

this is driving me insane.. I have made new databags with diff names.. uppercare/lowercase with action: create with out it.. readed 10 times the documentation of encrypted databags and the the users cookbook and i can't see what is wrong... like in that post I mention I output the debug log and edited on vim and cant see any ERROR and worse no mention that is reading the databags is like ghost/ignoring them all together....

I will apreciate any help

You have to write your own wrapper recipe to specify the relevant group, and run that recipe on that server, to activate all the users for that group as published in the specified databag… Have you done so?

Personally, I’ve given up on the “users” cookbook until it can more gracefully handle private SSH keys. Since I’ve had to write wrapper cookbooks anyway, I’ve found it more effective to use the “user” resource more directly in my own recipes, and tune things like shared groups as needed by ordering the operation of the chef “group” resource as well as the “user” resource.

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Hello yes I create my own cookbook wrapper and included the users cookbook on the metadata file… do you have some examples on using the user resource with ssh keys I can look at? I just did a search now after I read your msg and saw only examples with creating user but not the .ssh/authorized_keys etc…

Still very puzzle that the users cookbook is not working… :frowning: