Database and database_user resources



I’m happy to announce the latest version (1.0.0) of the database cookbook now contains ‘database’ and ‘database_user’ resources. The update also ships with respective providers for MySQL and SQL Server. These resources are perfect for general database tasks like creating application databases, application database users and assigning the appropriate permissions for these users from within data-driven recipes.

Based on these new improvements, the following updates/changes have also been made:

  • The ‘mysql_database’ LWRP has been removed from the latest version (1.2.0) of the mysql cookbook, use the ‘mysql_database’ shortcut resource where appropriate now.
  • The ‘database::master’ and ‘database::snapshot’ recipes have been updated to leverage the ‘mysql_database’ and ‘mysql_database_user’ shortcut resources where appropriate. In the future the ‘database::master’ recipe will be updated to work with any provider for the the database and database_user resources (most likely keying off the adapter).
  • I will be working with the authors of the PostgreSQL LWRP fixes (COOK-531 [0] and COOK-604 [1]) to refactor these contributions as providers for the database and database_user resources.


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