Disable ohai plugins for chef-server-ctl reconfigure


I’ve been trying to find a way to disable some ohai plugins on my chef-server’s chef-zero run when I run:

chef-server-ctl reconfigure

I’ve been successful in disabling plugins in my clients with the following line:

Ohai::Config[:disabled_plugins] = [“c”,“cloud”,“ec2”,“rackspace”,“eucalyptus”,“command”,“dmi”,“dmi_common”,“erlang”,“groovy”,“ip_scopes”,“java”,“keys”,“lua”,“mono”,“network_listeners”,“passwd”,“perl”,“php”,“python”,“ssh_host_key”,“uptime”,“virtualization”,:“windows::virtualization”,:“windows::kernel_devices”]

However, declaring this in /etc/chef-server/chef-server.rb doesn’t work. Nor does putting this in /etc/chef/client.rb. The ohai passwd plugin is the biggest culprit. I’m running this in very large org, so this plugin takes quite some time!