Downloading chef vault file using recipe

I have a chef vault item storing a private key which I have created using

knife vault create keys private --file user.pem

I can query this using

knife vaullt show keys private

In one of my recipe I want to download this file on the client. I saw this method to load the vault items but this would not download the file as is.

vault_item = ChefVault::Item.load(vaultname, itemname)

How can I download user.pem in a specified location on my node? Basically I am looking for recipe equivalent of knife vault download VAULT ITEM command on workstation. Should I load it in a variable and then write in a file using a ruby library but not sure if that is a good way to handle .pem files. I also have .crt file which I have to store and download from vault.

As I mentioned to you on StackOverflow, you can read the file data under the file-content key in the resulting item. And then use a file resource in your recipe code to write it to disk.