Error haproxy and bad result in etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg

Hi guys!

I am totally stuck on this issue with the haproxy cookbook.

I was trying to figure all the steps with this great tutorial about to set some
Front end server and the load balancing as follows:


So the problem was after to follow all the steps my droplet with load balancer
role is getting a strange configuration on /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg

pasted here

My knife is working perfectly with my other droplets with DigitalOcean, Amazon
and HP…

The Role with base and webservers are working fine as well… so i dont know if
maybe is necesary to make something more with the haproxy cookbook! Or maybe I
am making something wrong!

I paste in addiction others references!

Role yet_lb.json

role base2.json

role yet_server.rb

My bootstraping and show nodes

Thanks all for your help!


Hey @Perezpardojc, is this still an issue? It's unclear to me exactly what the problem is you're having. I would like to try and help as I maintain the sous-chef haproxy cookbook, and if its a cookbook issue i can fix it!