Error: The SSL certificate of "Chef Server name" could not be verified

Hi All,

Am getting below error when am trying to run the "knife ssl check " command. I have the crt file in trusted_certs path.

Error: SSL certificate of “Chef Server name” could not be verified

Can anyone help me out.

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Not really with so few input.

It can be the name you’re using in your client configuration file (client.rb or knife.rb), I suspect you’re using a short name where chef-server certificate is using the fully qualified domain name (fqdn) or that you’re using a lib somewhere not taking advantage of the trusted_cet dir.

I’ve no divination skills, I can’t help without a real log and proper description of what is in place.

Try using
Knife ssl fetch

It seems like you may not have the complete certificate chain, compare the certs which is downloaded by the above command with which you have placed.