Error while doing svn checkout

Hi All,

I am using snv as a repository, I would like to do latest checkout on
windows machine .I am using this code snippet

subversion “myproject” do
repository "svn://10.x.x.x/sachin"
destination "D:\latest_code"
revision "HEAD"
action :checkout
svn_username "Sachin"
svn_password "****"

I am getting the error message as " Could not parse svn info data:"

done some googling, read one message that I need to manually create sachin
directory in D:\latest_code, created sachin directory under D:\latest_code
and run chef again
here is my output

Starting Chef Client, version 12.5.1
[2016-01-12T20:45:43+05:30] INFO: *** Chef 12.5.1 ***
[2016-01-12T20:45:43+05:30] INFO: Chef-client pid: 12064
[2016-01-12T20:45:58+05:30] INFO: Setting the run_list to [“role[tomcat]”]
CLI options
[2016-01-12T20:45:58+05:30] INFO: Run List is [role[tomcat]]
[2016-01-12T20:45:58+05:30] INFO: Run List expands to [tomcat]
[2016-01-12T20:45:58+05:30] INFO: Starting Chef Run for *******
[2016-01-12T20:45:58+05:30] INFO: Running start handlers
[2016-01-12T20:45:58+05:30] INFO: Start handlers complete.
Compiling Cookbooks…

[2016-01-12T20:45:58+05:30] INFO: Selected Plateform is windows
[2016-01-12T20:45:58+05:30] INFO: Welcome to Tomcat latest code recipe