Execute chef cookbook on a UI click

Hi Guys,

I have a requirement where i need to provide a user interface to certain team where they will be entering a server name and when click a button , that should execute a chef cook book on the server. i know chef is not designed for this but is there any way to do this

Thank for all the help

So long as you have infrastructure setup in such a way that you have credentials to the target machine, you can just ssh to the target and download the chef client, cookbooks, and converge it with chef-solo.

Look at orchestration and runner tools like RunDeck, MCollective, SaltStack (you can use just the command distribution part), and Chef Push Jobs. The specifics of which will work best mostly depends on your authentication and scale requirements. RunDeck works over SSH so it is probably the easiest to get started with, but the others will be more flexible and have better performance under very heavy load (i.e. if you wanted to do this thousands of times in parallel).