Exporting build from Linux to Docker running in Windows


I’m on Windows 7 running docker toolbox from within Win 7. Since habitat is not available for Windows yet, I installed CentOS7 VM in my virtual box with habitat running it in. Everything works fine & I was able to build the package as well.

Now, when I’m trying to export build using “hab pkg export docker (pkg_ident)” command, it gives below error as docker is not running on this VM:

“Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?”

Is there any way to export package to my docker which is in running in my Windows 7 OS?

If not, what are the available options?

Note: The question is meant only for non-production development environment.


We are working on a Windows version of the hab command line utility, which will provide a similar experience to the Mac hab command (and eventually offer some Windows native functionality).

For your current scenario, you’d need Docker on your Linux VM. You could then use a process like proposed in this StackOverflow answer to copy your image to where you want to test from.

When is the windows version going to be released? Any ETA?

@serendipity30 I don’t have an ETA, but work is being tracked in https://github.com/habitat-sh/habitat/issues/1192

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I’ve been finding bugs for @smurawski in these efforts, its coming along nicely!

@serendipity30 We’ve got alpha builds of the hab command now, but hab studio isn’t functional yet.