Fauxhai 6.4.0 Released


Hey Everyone,

Fauxhai 6.4.0 is now up on Rubygems and will ship in our upcoming ChefDK 3 release. This version includes new platform definitions for Debian, CentOS, and FreeBSD as well as updated definitions for Chef 14.2. If you’re using the new intelligent version matching features introduced in our last release then you’ll automatically pull in the latest and great releases in your ChefSpecs.

What’s New

New Platforms

  • CentOS 7.5
  • Debian 8.11
  • FreeBSD 11.2

Dumps Updated for Chef 14.2

  • Amazon Linux
  • Redhat
  • SLES
  • Ubuntu

New Deprecations

  • FreeBSD 10.3

How to Use Version Matching

Fauxhai 6.3 introduced new intelligent platform and version matching. This means if you specify the platform centos we’ll now automatically match you to the latest version. If you specify the version of 6 we’ll automatically match you to 6.9. This should make it easier to write specs that don’t need constant updating as we deprecate dumps of minor versions.