Foodcritic 11.4 and Fauxhai 5.4 released

Hey Everyone,

More great testing released have been pushed up to RubyGems. Foodcritic 11.4 and Fauxhai 5.4 are now available and will ship with the next release of the ChefDK.

Foodcritic 11.4:

  • Metadata added for Chef 13.3 and 13.4 so FC009 will know about all the latest resource we’ve shipped

Fauxhai 5.4

  • Added new platform data for Redhat/CentOS/Oracle 7.4 and SUSE Enterprise 12.3
  • Added a removal date of 3/2018 for the deprecated platform data in Fauxhai. If you’re currently seeing deprecation notices when running ChefSpec keep in mind that ChefDK 3.0 will ship with a Fauxhai release which will not include that platform data. Deprecated platform data was gathered from Chef 10/11/12 and in many cases we can’t dump the data again due to the age of the distributions.