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Hi Razvan,

sorry for my late answer.
Remote execution and installation of microsoft sql server 2008 on windows
2008 isn’t working. Nether via knife ssh nor via knife winrm.
The installer is doing ui calls during the silent installation, but there
isn’t any ui at all. That’s why it’s not working via knife ssh. Knife winrm
another error. There is a new path for the security store on windows 2008
and winrm has no full user profile during the run:

Microsoft’s own remoting framework (WinRM) is not able to do a silent
install of
SQL Server 2008. The installation fails with security errors,which only
on remote installations (WinRM and SSH), local installations with a proper
(local login / RDP) are working OK. Other remote management frameworks are

Likely root cause:

The SQL server installer was designed for server 2003 fs layout
(c:\Documents and Settings (2003) and not c:\Users (2008) ),
when running under a full login microsoft provides a mapping from the old
style directories to the new style.
When logged in remotely those mappings are not in place.

If you have any other solution please send me any information.



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I still have problems with the sql_server cookbook (SQL Server 2008 R2
Enterprise) and execution via knife ssh or knife-windows (winrm).
run with sql_server::server cookbook is successfull, if it is executed on
machine itself, but if it’s executed via knife ssh or knife-windows, I get
different errors like via winrm 2.0:
System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Access is denied.
xml creation.

or via knife ssh: GUI errors, but the installation itself is a silent
installation with all gui options turned off.

I think the installer itself isn’t a silent as it should be and is doing
gui calls in the background. Or is this wrong?

The second question I have is ,that the sql server 2008 r2 installer, which
got from the msdn download page is a selfextracting archive, which ask for a
destination directory, which couldn’t be set via any option and the
passes the silent installation response file directly to the download file.
anyone tested this with sql server 2008 r2?

Maybe anyone has already played around with it.


Olaf Heydorn