Getting error while setting up mongodb replica set

Hi All,

I am using community mongodb cookbook and trying to setup replica using. As
in the instructions i have given replica name and cluster name. But its

1 It is trying to check mongo connection using

connection =‘localhost’,
node[‘mongodb’][‘config’][‘port’], :op_timeout => 60, :slave_ok => true,
:connect_timeout => 60)
connection.database_names # check connection

And then trying to list databases.

Its failing here with error:

WARN: Could not connect to database: ‘local:27017’, reason: uninitialized
constant Mongo::ConnectionFailure

We then used and somehow passed this.

2 Its now giving error as below:

ERROR: ruby_block[config_replicaset] (mongodb::replicaset line 225) had an
error: NameError: uninitialized constant BSON::OrderedHash

Can someone point me here what i am missing here.