Gist on starting a cookbook with ChefDK and TK

Over the weekend I wrote up a gist on how to go from zero to writing a
cookbook using ChefDK and TK which went kinda viral on my twitters (10
RTs and 17 favorites, which is like 20% of my followers, so that’s viral
for me… I have no idea what I’m doing on twitter…)

I should clean this up a little bit (probably stop using /tmp) and turn
it into a Chef Blog, but thought I’d post it here in case I get busy and
drop that.

This might be stealing a bit of learnchef’s ChefDK thunder, but its
quite usable now to point a newbie at it and start doing work:

The advantage of starting with this way of learning things is that you
won’t have to relearn anything as you go on. You can layer TDD on top
of this, you can add travis, add all your Rakefiles and Thorfiles and
rubucop and everything goes right on top of this. But it doesn’t start
out by having to setup a chef server. There’s no direct touching of
berkshelf at all, no direct touching of test kitchen configs. Most of
the focus is on writing cookbook code (recipe, attribute, template),
but its the modern way of going from zero to writing code.