Guards for custom resource

should a custom resource (the one introduced in chef 12.5) respect guards
like only_if and not_if?

i tried including a custom resource (defined by me in another cookbook) in
a recipe with a only_if guard, but it seems to be ignored.

They definitely should! Can you please paste the code you’re using?

When I run the following, it seems to work OK:

class X < Chef::Resource
  resource_name :x
  property :y
  action :create do

x 'a' do
  y 5
  only_if { y > 10 }

When I run chef-apply file.rb, it prints:

Recipe: (chef-apply cookbook)::(chef-apply recipe)
  * x[a] action create (skipped due to only_if)

i am getting same result for that example.

i must have done something else wrong then… probably my (unrelated)

thanks i found the error i think, it was my mistake.

i am left with one unrelated confusion. if i do what is shown below in my
custom resource action the file resource is completely ignored. it works
fine if i replace the file resource with anything else, like cookbook_file.
whats up with file not working? am i using some other “file” class that is
not what i think it is?

action :create do
file “/tmp/test” do
content "this is a test"

actually i cannot reproduce that. i believe my mistake was that i also used
a variable called file. so i was trying to do:

file file do
content "this is a test"

please disregard!