Habitat 0.12.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Habitat 0.12.0. This release was originally slated for last Thursday which would have made it the Rust Belt Rust Conference release but we ran into some dependency rebuild issues that necessitated rebuilding a lot of core packages, so instead it’s the Hallowe’en release!

We have a few new features, so read on if you’re interested in them. Otherwise just head on over to the downloads page to get the new bits, or read the full changelog for more details.

New “hab pkg header” command

We’ve had a few requests for a command to read and display the header information from a .hart without having to go through a cat | head incantation, so we’ve delivered the hab pkg header subcommand that will do exactly this.

Add HAB_DOCKER_OPS environment variable

If you are on a Mac or a Windows host platform, you can set additional Docker options with the HAB_DOCKER_OPS environment variable that will be passed to the Docker engine that actually runs the studio. This allows you to more easily test your artifacts inside the studio prior to publishing them. For example, if your application needs to forward an HTTP to the host so you can look at it in a browser, you can pass HAB_DOCKER_OPS="-p 8080:8080".

Many thanks to Andrew Hobden a/k/a @hoverbear who contributed this feature while at our table at Rust Belt Rust. (Andrew is also a maintainer of the fantastic Iron web framework for Rust that we use inside Habitat.)

Note: In a post-release commit, this environment variable was renamed HAB_DOCKER_OPTS, so if you use this feature, you’ll need to remember to change the variable for the next release of Habitat.

fix_interpreter now handles symbolic links

The fix_interpreter function inside the build system now correctly handles target files that are symbolic links. Previoiusly, it would remove the symlink and replace it with a copy of the substituted file.


Small correction: There are several iron maintainers, I am just one of them. :slight_smile:

Shout out to Unitaker, Skyler, and all our contributors (https://github.com/iron/iron/graphs/contributors) who are currently working with me to make sure Iron keeps working!

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