Habitat 0.32.0 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of Habitat 0.32.0. We have a number of new features as well as bug fixes, so please read on for all the details. If you just want the binaries, head on over to our downloads page: https://www.habitat.sh/docs/get-habitat/ Thanks again for using Habitat!


  • Unify population of the census with health state reconciliation #3198: this bug fix removes a race condition that was causing Supervisors in a Ring to have indeterminate health statuses under certain conditions.
  • New helpers added: strConcat and strJoin #3191
  • Docs improvements: the team is going through a major docs investment. A lot of new content was added this week, with more coming, along with an information architecture enhancement shipping soon. If you find any documentation lacking or incorrect, please file a github issue so the team can address it on our github repo: https://github.com/habitat-sh/habitat

Features & Enhancements

  • Remove depot client dependency from builder worker #3124
  • Apply visibility settings to packages #3118
  • Display the active-build message across package tabs #3107
  • [builder] scheduler should be platform-aware #3099
  • Add an update API for origins #3096
  • Add tooltips to icons #3061
  • Add build source #3052
  • Add pagination to project_jobs endpoint #3051
  • Add platform and channels to show_job endpoint #3049
  • Add platform and channels to project_jobs endpoint #3048
  • Use OS icons in the versions tab, dashboard and sidebar #3041
  • [builder-web] Add settings tab for an origin to turn on/off private builds #3034
  • [builder-web] Update Origins page to show a package count #3033
  • Add an event message that exposes the channel a service is associated with #2982
  • Encrypt sensitive fields in builder.toml configuration #2896
  • Make optional binding more discoverable through the site search engine #2865
  • [builder-scheduler] Smarter dispatching #2374
  • Add dedicated content about GitHub scopes needed in CLI setup #1194
  • Fix logging level in api proxy health check & hab install #3194 (reset)
  • Minor improvements to Supervisor logging #3190 (reset)
  • Silence health check hooks for admin/api #3189 (reset)
  • Updating CLI docs, export docs, and scheduler info #3188 (tashimi)
  • Improve upon server/supervisor logging Level #3187 (reset)
  • Service logging improvements #3186 (reset)
  • Added sup-run details to build topic #3154 (davidwrede)
  • Net Refactor #3146 (reset)
  • [common] Add several additonal ways to create a UI. #3135 (fnichol)
  • [sup/test] Add better nocapture support in tests. #3134 (fnichol)

Bug fixes

  • Service updater should download public keys and verify new packages #3121
  • supervisor is failing to send updated service info to census #3057
  • [builder] Cannot bind builder services if datastore is restarted #2506
  • Builder services not auto-recovering from rt:route:2 #2433
  • [builder-scheduler] Tighten up async job status logic #2373
  • Unify population of the census with health state reconciliation #3198 (christophermaier)
  • Fix breakage in origin create API #3196 (reset)
  • Terminate services on request & config fixes #3182 (reset)
  • Net Refactor #3146 (reset)
  • [hab] Fix binlink\_all\_in\_pkg\(\) which did not work correct with rootfs #3136 (fnichol)

Closed issues:

  • Tracking Issue - Update node to latest LTS (6.11.2) #3068

Merged pull requests:

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