Habitat 0.52.0 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of Habitat 0.52.0. We have a number of new features as well as bug fixes, so please read on for all the details. If you just want the binaries, head on over to our downloads page: https://www.habitat.sh/docs/using-habitat/#install-habitat. Thanks again for using Habitat!

0.52.0 (01-18-2018)

Full Changelog

Features & Enhancements

  • Powershell plans embedded with source should not require empty build functions #4307
  • Create style guide for habitat.sh site content submissions #4259
  • Add shard information into database migration log output #4241
  • Codify incident process and communicate via blog post (and other ways of communicating?) #4239
  • Make migrations smarter #4160
  • Build fails in fresh environment because of missing git #4055
  • [www] [Builder UI] Add additional footer links #3909
  • [Builder UI] Clicking on origin name should take me to that origin #3899
  • [builder ui] Make it easier to copy package identifiers out of Builder web #3675
  • hab bldr channel subcommand #3384
  • Create “local development” guide #2882
  • Tutorial: config overrides not working in studio #2767
  • Tutorial: config overrides not working in studio #2767
  • Run habitat as windows service #2766
  • [alias] use easy alias to show local keys #2559
  • Support -advertise-ip for bridged networks #2420
  • Rolling config apply #2324
  • Documentation fix - TOML usage #1059
  • Alternate storage (S3) for depot artifacts #1002
  • Bump all cargo dependencies #4370 (reset)
  • [ci] Add Cargo.lock to AFFECTED\_DIRS for Rust matrix builds. #4365 (fnichol)
  • [Cargo.lock] Temporarily pin ipc-channel to pre-upgrade commit. #4364 (fnichol)
  • Update README.md #4344 (baumanj)
  • Update BUILDER_DEV.md #4343 (baumanj)
  • Update BUILDER\_DEV.md #4343 (baumanj)
  • Document the HAB_BLDR_URL environment variable in the CLI usage #4329 (baumanj)
  • Document the HAB\_BLDR\_URL environment variable in the CLI usage #4329 (baumanj)
  • Add diesel migrations for maximum speed #4296 (elliott-davis)
  • Adding build failure notifications to slack #4190 (eeyun)

Bug fixes

  • [STABILITY] workers losing ens4 network, not able to recover #4264
  • add 2013 C runtime to hab binaries #4457 (mwrock)
  • [builder-worker] Create network namespace only at server boot. #4353 (fnichol)
  • Debug output in studio corrupts stdout #4380
  • [www] Broken secondary button style on community page #4374
  • Add hab user and group in exported Docker containers again #4373
  • HAB_BLDR_CHANNEL and “Package not found” / builder builds working currently? #4371
  • Windows studio not sending supervisor stderr to log #4362
  • bldr job fails with no useful output. #4332
  • hab bldr job promote --interactive presents packages on one line #4330
  • Codify incident process and communicate via blog post \(and other ways of communicating?\) #4239
  • List of origin packages should be sorted alphabetically #3916
  • [STABILITY] Permission denied issue on builder-api-proxy directory #3521
  • Members tab should only be visible to origin members #3404
  • hab config apply - can’t apply config to a service group that doesn’t exist yet #3155
  • Cross platform issues with /bin/sh and bashisms #2736
  • pkg export fails on aci image #2620
  • Files inside svc/*/config belong to ‘root’ even though svc_user/group is ‘hab’ #2479
  • Need a clean way to reset ownership on svc folders #1547
  • hab-sup --no-color doesn’t strip color from all output #997
  • Group ID defaults to User ID in exported Docker containers #4435 (christophermaier)
  • migrate DEBUG env var to docker studio #4383 (mwrock)
  • Remove debug() implementation; log try\(\) messages to STDERR #4382 (christophermaier)
  • redirect both stderr out stdout from sup to log in windows studio #4378 (mwrock)
  • Update README.md #4344 (baumanj)

Closed issues:

  • Builds not working due to changed stderr log handling #4410
  • [nmap] Bad libpcap usage in core/nmap #4398
  • package upload can fail even though package is uploaded #4395
  • Suggest a set of API endpoints and responses for notifications #4294
  • Add missing dep to docker & k8s exporter plans #4179
  • Tracking Issue - Ensure that both package.json & yarn.lock are not present in project #3066
  • Configuration updates in a Kubernetes cluster #2805
  • hab pkg binlink should default to /usr/local/bin #1920
  • View Builder Operational Metrics in Ops Dashboard #1845

Merged pull requests: