Habitat 0.77.0 Released!

Habitat 0.77.0 Release Notes

We are happy to announce the release of Habitat 0.77.0. This release was cut so quickly, primarily, to fix a regression in the v0.76.0 release that went out earlier this week. The regression caused libraries to be incorrectly listed in package metadata files which could cause problems from failed builds, to runtime crashes. If it’s worth saying once it will be worth saying twice - we suggest if you upgraded to version 0.76.0 earlier in the week, you upgrade again immediately and rebuild any packages that were built with the previous version.

IMPORTANT: If you upgraded your habitat binary to version 0.76.0 we suggest you update to 0.77.0 immediately and rebuild any packages built with 0.76.0.

For more information on that issue you can check out this issue. We’ve also got some fixes in for colorization in MS Windows terminals and bug fixes for concurrent installation of local harts.

Bug Fixes

Merged Pull Requests

  • remove unnecessary sections from release docs #6212 (mpeck)
  • replace docker-privileged queue with default-privileged #6234 (mpeck)
  • add launcher doc #6197 (echohack)
  • Migrate clippy and rustfmt tests to be more friendly and remove worka… #6222 (scotthain)
  • bump dev version to 0.77.0-dev #6237 (mpeck)
  • Add windows builder-worker promotion step to release #6187 (smacfarlane)

As always,
Thanks for using Habitat!