Habitat 0.79.0 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of Habitat 0.78.0. We have a number of new features as well as bug fixes, so please read on for all the details. If you just want the binaries, head on over to Install Habitat.

New Features & Enhancements

Behavioral Changes

  • Remove uses of default_cache_key_path #6336 (baumanj)
  • Remove uses of core’s default_cache_key_path #6326 (baumanj)
  • Remove usage of habitat_core::binlink::default_binlink_dir #6315 (baumanj)
  • macOS still needs --interactive and --tty set #6295 (raskchanky)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix positional args, tweak err handling for promote/demote/delete #6379 (chefsalim)
  • Properly pass CLI args to hab origin key import #6363 (baumanj)
  • start supervisor outside of interactive powershell session in local windows studio #6353 (mwrock)
  • Revert “remove old content” feature #6348 (christophermaier)
  • Remove offensively-named command in favor of updated version #6343 (baumanj)
  • uninstall should not rename to existing directory on windows #6322 (mwrock)
  • Use POSIX unset rather than Busybox env -u for HAB_STUDIO_BINARY #6318 (christophermaier)
  • windows docker studio should output sup log in color and without timestamp #6312 (mwrock)
  • turn off supervisor log coloring in local windows studio if ANSI is not supported #6306 (mwrock)
  • eliminate false error noise from windows launcher #6313 (mwrock)
  • Use subshells and unset to actually unset environment variables #6296 (christophermaier)
  • implement platform specific UI symbols #6290 (mwrock)

Merged Pull Requests