Habitat Community Triage!

Current Process and How You Can Help

The Habitat team, along with our Community Engineering team are working on establishing a regular cadence for triage of issues that come in on both the /habitat and /core-plans repos. We want to share with you what that process is going to look like, and how to get involved.

Part of this new triage process is focused on identifying and categorizing issues into GitHub Milestones. Those milestones will be used as general targets for development. To clarify, these milestones do not guarantee that an issue will be addressed for any particular release but instead sticks them on our radar in the form of a backlog. At this point, we’ve identified 3 main milestones we will be using, (names subject to change) so lets take a look at each.

Accepted Major

The “Accepted Major” milestone should be pretty straightforward. Issues triaged into this category are features with breaking changes or with a very large scope. A change too drastic to include in a minor release.

Accepted Minor

Our “Accepted Minor” milestone is the bucket for work that our Core Engineering team intends to implement or resolve. If an issue gets shoveled into this category, it means that it’s work we intend to take on ourselves (though, of course, we’re always happy to have PRs from the community for features or bugs in this bucket).

Help Wanted

The final milestone is “Help Wanted” which covers issues or feature requests that we definitely want to implement, but might be at a lower priority than issues and bugs in the other two milestones. Issues in this category are likely to be great opportunities for community members to contribute to the codebase.

Some important notes on this process:

It can (and likely will) change. This is just our earliest starting point for project governance so please be patient while we sort out what feels like the right thing.

Features and bugs can move between these milestones. As the project grows, changes, and we receive feedback, things will definitely be re-prioritized which means potentially having items shift between buckets.

The “Help Wanted” milestone is where we really want to encourage community development. If you have bugs or features you really want to see in an upcoming release, we would love to have you contribute PRs for those things! You can find all of “Help Wanted” issues for Habitat on GitHub!

One final note. The Habitat issue triage call is totally open to the public! Currently we are working through our issues from oldest to newest but if you have an issue you’re interested in discussing, please feel free to join us on the triage call.

As always,

Thank you for using Habitat!