Habitat is not a good name?

After having used Google to search for something Habitat, I am having doubts about the name Habitat.

It is a lot better if the name is unique or made unique. Think Berkshelf. From what I understand, the creator was thinking about the name Bookshelf. Similar to Habitat that is a common word which makes it harder to find. Search results are terrible.

Something similar happens when searching for Habitat. Habitat deserves it’s own unique name.

Hi @onknows. Thanks for your feedback.

Prior to launch we had a different name for Habitat that was more easily searchable but we decided to choose something more representative of the technical concepts inside Habitat. Searchability was one of the factors considered when selecting a new name, but in the end, emotional appeal and other factors like trademark outweighed this.

We spent many months deliberating about a name and at this time we are not considering changing the name of Habitat.

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The name is fantastic, it’s just that indeed when searching for it, you never find it…
You have to search for something like “Habitat sh”/“Habitat-sh”.

Btw, Rust also suffers from this. When searching for “Rust”, the game is always on top.
Although, you can still find the programming language.

But this will “self-heal” over time.