Habitat UI - Linux Distro Apps

Hi lovely people :slight_smile:

I know the Habitat community already from some short endeavor a couple of years ago.

Back then, I discovered that Habitat solves a lot of the issues, that I see with Linux package management. As someone who is interested in operating system design, and the general topic of Linux distros in specific, did I ask myself how this could fit in a desktop distribution.

Habitat is build for the server, and the software that is packaged to run on Habitat, is as well.

I still see a lot of potential, to adopt Habitat for the desktop use, and my plan is to develop a QML based interface, and an automated process to port existing Linux desktop packages to Habitat.

Anyone, who likes to join me into that endeavor, is wholeheartedly invited to do so.

I intend to bring the solution - Linda, short for Linux Distro Apps - to several Linux distros, particularly to such, who are betting on immutable file systems. The first distro that is interested in doing so, is Xenia.

Compared to around 4 years ago, I think the documentation and website of Habitat has improved significantly, and all reads a lot less cryptic these days.

Thanks a lot, and congratulations to that :smiley:

I hope you have a wonderful day :sunny:

Is there a public repo that are using to coordinate and develop in?