Habitat utilizing more CPU usage

hi in windows os habitat is utilizing more cpu … when I stop the habitat service the cpu usage became normal

kindly let me know what was the issue of more cpu usage … what needs to be done

@Manojbison Can you provide some more information about this? What version of the Habitat Supervisor are you using? Are you using the Habitat Windows Service (if so, what version)? How many services are you running on your Supervisor? What services are you running on your Supervisor? Do you see dramatically more CPU usage when a particular service is running, or when just the Supervisor is running by itself? What does “more CPU” mean in this context? What kind of resources does the machine have that you’re running the Supervisor on?

We will need this kind of information in order to be helpful to you.

Thanks! Looking forward to your reply!

version: 0.72.0
habitat windows service
we are running nearly 20 services
yes when dbsql service is running that time cpu usage is more(100%) … for this we are stopping the hab service then cpu usage will be normal
cpu utilization is 100%
windows server 2016r2

what is solution for this

Can you check Task Manager and see which binary or binaries are consuming the most CPU? Or perhaps include the output of get-process | Sort-Object CPU -Descending. The first thing we probably want to deduce is whether it is Habitat itself (hab-sup.exe) or one or more of the 20 services Habitat is running.