Habitat World Tour!

Ah a new year, a new world tour.

Most of us here at Chef have survived the Holidays, our all-hands rally and we’re pumped to start '17.

One (or… three) super exciting thing that is approaching rapidly is another Habitat Hands On Tour! Throughout the glorious new year that is 2017 we’re going to do our absolute best to take the Habitat road show all over the world and we’re starting this February with events in Europe.

We have three events planned on February 8th and 9th that will take place in Gent, Amsterdam, and Berlin!

A couple of important notes about the events: First, everyone is invited and the events are FREE but we will have limited seats, so please try to RSVP in advance. Second and most importantly beer and food will be provided, so be sure to bring your thirst and appetites.

Finally, you are what make these events awesome, so whether you’re a Habi-pro or just getting started come get some community face time, get your hands on Habitat and have a super awesome time!

Personally, I’m totally looking forward to seeing and meeting each of you and, as always, thank you for using Habitat!

Ian Henry
Technical Community Advocate

Can’t wait to see you all in Berlin! :slight_smile:

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Aw man, I’d love to come say whats up to again! I’ll be in Stuttgart for a day on the 9th. So close, yet still so far!

Don’t worry there will totally be more events and a bunch of us will be in Berlin during Kubecon! We’re going to see if we can’t get another meetup/workshop set up at the same place!