Habitization php web application

Hi All,
I was trying to create a PHP web application using Habitat.
I have created plans for HTTPD and PHP.
Package building for HTTPD went well, and I have tested it and working well.

Now when I’m trying to build pkg for PHP, HTTPD is the dependency pkg for PHP, I have added HTTPD in pkg_deps section, trying to configure HTTPD location using “–with-apxs2=”$(pkg_path_for shivaathabitat/httpd)/bin/apxs" but it not working for me, it is saying apxs file not found.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

httpd-plan: https://bldr.habitat.sh/#/pkgs/shivaathabitat/httpd/latest
php-plan: https://bldr.habitat.sh/#/pkgs/shivaathabitat/php/latest