Habtoberfest Is Here!

Hello again Habitants!

The weekend is approaching as fast as autumn weather for some of us and the Habitat team is excited to announce our participation in Digital Ocean’s 2016 Hacktoberfest event (or as I’ve taken to calling it _Hab_toberfest)!

What this means for you is that any of your contributions to Habitat or for that matter any FOSS project between the dates of October 1st through 31st will qualify towards earning yourself an awesome Hacktoberfest T-shirt!

Now how exactly can you get involved? Simple, open a PR to a FOSS project in GitHub! In order to qualify for the t-shirt you must register for the event on the hacktoberfest homepage and open 4 pull requests in the month of October. Once you’re registered you should be ready to go!

Not sure where to start? No problem, head over to the Habitat project on GitHub and check out the issue tracker. We’re going to do our best to identify and label some easy issues as potential Hacktoberfest starter PRs. Of course any PR you open outside of these issues will also be considered valid. If you need help completing a PR you’ve opened for Hacktoberfest, make sure you reach out in the forums or the Habitat slack.

As always, thanks for using Habitat!