and how are you?
I just picked one Apple MacBook Pro MC024LL/Afrom this website
www.sdebut.com and I love it. I paid $1260US all charges included the
chose to use the Core 2 Duo but that’s not all bad. This is a stable, cool
running, capable processor. The machine now includes 4 G of ram and a much
improved video card from the previous version. I use this mostly for work
where stability, battery life, portability, and longevity are the most
important things to me. I rarely play games. I run office applications,
safari, email, ever note, and skype. It all works great. The machine feels
substantial in my hands. Pick it up and try to twist it. It is perfectly
rigid. My Toshiba feels like the battery would fall out if I twisted a bit
more. This one feels well built. I especially like the backlit keyboard. if
you want to get one.you can check it out .
I hope you have an enjoyable xmas

Ian Meyer