How can I query the total number of licensed nodes of my server without login in the machine >

Hi colleagues,

I am trying to see what would be the best approach to make the best of both world

Hello @yvangelist

The only way I know is to use the Chef Server API

"The Chef server API has the following requirements:

Access to a Chef server running version 0.10.x or above
The Accept header must be set to application/json
For PUT and POST requests, the Content-Type header must be set to application/json
The X-Chef-Version header must be set to the version of the Chef server API that is being used
A request must be signed using Mixlib::Authentication
A request must be well-formatted. The easiest way to ensure a well-formatted request is to use the Chef::REST library"

If there is another way to access this information from the client then I’d also like to know.