How to develop on top of sitecore habitat

Hello Folk’s,

Here is my question,

In my next project I am planning to use modular approach using sitecore habitat . But I am not sure how to start with ? I have installed sitecore habitat and the local habitat site is running . Now I want to start with the actual application development But sitecore habitat has already a lot of out of box features which I don’t need as I wanted to develop my own features based on requirement. So can any body please guide me how to start real time applications on top of sitecore habitat ?

Help me on this!


I’m not sure what you mean about “sitecore habitat”, or developing applications based on Puppet training, but if you’re interested in learning how to use Habitat, please check out our demos and tutorials at

Ah, you’re actually trying to use Sitecore Habitat… This is the forum for Habitat by Chef, a completely different project.