How to disable redirect in chef-server from 80 to 443 port?

I want to setup chef-server on internal network server and proxies Internet requests with existing nginx listening with public ip address.

This proxy already configured with true ssl certificates for chef server site with let’s encrypt. By default chef-server listen on 443 port (ssl). We can enable non ssl port with following part of config:

nginx['enable_non_ssl']  = true
nginx['non_ssl_port'] = "80"

This was done, but how to disable redirect from 80 to 443 port on chef-server machine in nginx ?

I need a help. Thank you.

Setting enable_non_ssl to true should already disable the redirection. Did you run chef-server-ctl reconfigure after modifying chef-server.rb ?

Yes, of course.

Excuse for troubling. Now I have done set up external proxy and it worked.

It is strange. Once again, sorry.